What are your needs? We provide you with the right personal required for your clients or events. We specialize in the following:

  • Production Manager
  • Tour manager     
  • Lighting Design (3D renders, Stage/video and lighting plots)
  • Lighting Director (Touring LD's whom have years of experience)
  • Video Designer (Creative 3D video content provider)
  • Video Director (Touring VJ's whom have years of experience)
  • Film Director (Want to make a short movie?) 

Best Books of the Year

When touring with and artist or making a festival or even doing one show its all about the team that makes it happen. When you come to us we make sure that all your needs and requirement are met. We work with a big group of talented people in their fields whom are devoted into what they do best.

People come to us with their vision and we collaborate with them to make something even more spectacular.

If you need video content we can provide your idea's in 3D animations or live scenic enviorment.

Are you need of a 3D design of how your event/stage is going to look?

give us a call.


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Email: Hesse@alightproduction.com

Phone: (+46) 70 33 40 435

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